Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JewelMint Haul: My first order!

These earrings are my first purchase from Jewelmint.com. I first heard about this site on youtube, when juicystar07 mentioned them. It's basically an online jewelry club which was created by Kate Bosworth, and her celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. You sign up take a style quiz, which is free and depending on your results the site creates a jewelry collection for you. If you dont like the selection you can always chose to see more. Then if you decide to join you enter your credit card info and you are charged 29.99 a month. Each month you have 1 credit to pick out a piece of jewelry. If you dont want to buy that month, you have the first 5 days of the month to let them know you dont want anything, and then you wont be charged that month. I think it's really, really fun. I joined cause I really have no jewelry other then my wedding ring and like 2 random pieces of jewelry from old navy or something. I'm trying to be a little more fashionable, and get out of my Mommy wardrobe and look. Which is not really a "look" at all,lol.

I saw these earrings and was just drawn to them. They looked really simple and elegant. I have already worn them out and I love them. They are not too heavy, but they have a good weight to them, not flimsy and cheap at all. I was so happy with my purchase, I couldnt wait to order again, so I didnt, lol. I picked up a bracelet that I had really wanted. Oh I did get the earring for 50% off because Jewelmint sent me an email with a coupon code. You can find coupon codes for them on retailmenot.com. Also if you sign up and just wait a day before you purchase they will prob send you a coupon code as incentive to buy. As soon as I get the bracelet I'll post about it , and let you guys know if I like it. Oh and for everyone you invite to Jewelmint and makes a purchase they will give you a credit which is equal to 1 piece of jewelry for free. Oh and shipping is free. Well thats all I can think of for now.
All pics are mine.

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